Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Book: Who it is about, What it is about

I have published a 26 page book through's publishing company, and is now on sale. The book is called "Post-Apocalyptic Industrialization". It can be read for free here, and is purchasable here.

In the book I mention enslaving pacifist communities and killing anarchist communities ( in Chapter 2-D ). I want to offer up why this is in the book. First off, the book is a fiction about the future, so nothing in it is literal. The book's 50% goal is a memetic attack on a political agenda called Anarcho-Primitivism, Post-Apocalyptic Eco-Anarchism, and simply Primitivism. ( Google and Wikipedia are your friends on researching this ). My relationship to that community of activists is personal and first-hand, especially while attending Evergreen State College and/or living in Olympia Washington.

My memetic attack is not meant for a more generic anarchist, or pacifist, or person living in a more natural lifestyle. My book is a meme, and it lives to attack a people and their vision. The specific vision I attack is expressed in EXHIBIT A of this post. That rant is totally inline with language and reasonings I've heard from dozens while at anti-war meetings, house parties, and classroom seminar discussions in Olympia.

To cut to the chase, I am an enemy of Primitivists. I am not wealthy, tied to organized religion, nor like the bland, ugly landscape east of the Mississippi River. I am functionally poor, sort of anarchist in social reasoning, atheistic, and demand the presence of big nature in the form 14,000 ft mountains and the Inside Passage. My preferences and marginalization put me in a space perfect for the Primitivist sales pitch. I've listened to the sales pitch, turned down the offer, and the salesmen still keep harassing the whole planet to buy their offer. It's time to X those salesmen out of this world, and my meme is designed to do that.

One assumption in the Primitivist mind is when the big powers ( police, military, corporations ) are in decline or gone the Primitivist ethos, lifestyle, and ideology will gain a reinforcing loop of ascendence. My meme is intended as a bomb in the middle of that reinforcing loop. The power of that bomb is not corporate technology or money, but rather an anarchic type of geek unhindered by the current paradigm of morals and social constraints. In a circular kind of story line reminiscent of Planet of the Apes, my meme could provide some of the initialization of such a geek culture preying on the weak, defenseless Primitivist camps of the Pacific Northwest. That is why it is published in old-school media of paperback, rather than solely digital meme. As a book, it could survive a computer destroying apocalypse, and resurface in the hands of people capable of carrying out its mission.

Exhibit A: Anarcho-Primitivist Stance

You call for a cultural transformation to save civilization, yet there is nothing worth saving. You want to save something which is based on the destruction of the natural world, you're a hypocrite. You say we're wanting suicide but the very nature of continuing civilization is suicidal. Civilization isn't going to be brought down by us, it is going to collapse, and that is all we can do is aid in bringing the collapse faster because the sooner it does collapse, the better off this species will be. Yes, many people have to die, but many people are going to die if we keep with this civilization. How many people a year are dying as a result of carwrecks? Of preventable diseases? Of sickness' from the food? Of police attacks (and yes, police are a result of civilization)? How many a year die of starvation? How many will die because of global warming (which will continue if we keep up with this way of life)? Christ, how many sharks die per year because of this civilization? Are you seriously willing to accept the continual murder of the ocean? Your solution to the problem still is including industrial civilization which is insane. What do you suggest, alternative energy? There isn't enough alternative energy to meet the energy demands of this world, even if we go with the unrealistic options of ethanol and biodiesel. You recognize that civilization is unsustainable, yet you are stupid enough to believe we should continue on with it anyways? Do you understand what that means when something isn't sustainable?

As anarchists should we just accept Libertarian thought and go with "lesser" government until we are finally left with no government? Or should we just abolish the whole fucking State? The point being, civilization leads to domination and hierarchy, we all should recognize this by now. It leads to work, exploitation, slavery, war, etc. Your argument of tribal wars ignores that there was no such thing as tribal wars before the rise in agriculture which also created the concepts of priviate property, ownership, and settlement. Primitivism argues that we should go back to living in hunter-gatherer societies. You're calling for a slow change, gradual change, which is completely illogical, and doesn't take into account that we don't have the time to make a gradual change for one, and that it's not worth making. The Earth is being killed and you're willing to accept that because you are too afraid to live without civilization. I'm not. We need this Earth to survive and your leftist bullshit ideas are not going to save us, you can have all the energy efficient lightbulbs you want, but if our lifestyle is still unsustainable then it doesn't fucking matter. If I can't drink the water, breathe the air, and live, then it doesn't matter what kind of world we live in. Read Derrick Jensen's Endgame, or something by John Zerzan, at least figure out what the hell you're attacking before you attack it, this essay is full of flaws and doesn't understand at all the thoughts of primitivists.

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BFGalbraith said...

People like this should be stripped naked and dumped in the middle of the Olympic Rain Forrest with all their primitivist buddies, and see how long they make it... I'm guessing two weeks before the last of them either come crawling out on their hands and knees or die of hypothermia.