Monday, March 3, 2008

Earth Liberation Front burns green homes

Anyone with info that could lead to authorities or citizens groups to find an ELF cell, please notify appropriate authorities and post same info in comments here. For anyone who gets involved on this blog, on this issue, we can move any part of our discussion to a private blog seen only by those invited. The goal of this blog posting is experimentation with conceptual 5th generation warfare. In 4th generation warfare (such as an eco-terrorist act) is conducted on a moral plane and strong on dialogue. 5th generation abandons the moral for intellectual, and avoids making (acts as) statements to the enemy.

Arsonists set fires in a development of multimillion-dollar show homes in a suburb north of Seattle March 3 2008, destroying three and causing at least $7 million in damage.

Anyone who has knowledge of these fires can call the Arson Hotline, 800-552-7766 (800-55-ARSON), or contact local authorities. Callers may remain anonymous and could be eligible for an award.

A sign with the letters "ELF" and words written in red, mocking the homes as not environmental, as "not green, but black". "ELF" is associated with Earth Liberation Front.

While a student at Evergreen State College (2000-2003) I attended a speaking engagement by Craig Rosebraugh, the spokesperson for the ELF. The students were seemingly unanimous in support of Rosebraugh. Of course Rosebraugh is just the dispenser of ELF memes, and autonomous cells do the actual acts of vandalism/terrorism. Most of the types associated with this cause are in Olympia, Eugene, and Portland. I would be surprised if any cells are in the more concrete Seattle, but I could be wrong.

A Calendula Natural Cafe
3257 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214
Tel: (503) 235-6800
Google map with street view photo of cafe.

ELF Indictees:

Brooks, Robert
Cesario, Angela
Cottrell, William
Gill, Hargit Singh
Rosenbloom, Jeremy
Scarpitti, Michael J
Sherman, Jacob

Further reading on the ELF:
MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base

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The Serpent Lord said...

The EZLN teaches that people should "demand that the revolutionary armed forces not intervene in matters of civil order or the disposition of capital relating to agriculture, commerce, finances, and industry" and "acquire and possess arms to defend their persons, families and property [...] against the armed attacks committed by the revolutionary forces or those of the government."

I'm not knee-jerk anti-terror, but the anti-sprawl terrorists have decided that any economic target is fair game as long as they get noticed. Everyone who believes there are better ways to save the world than killing ourselves should be openly ashamed of them. (Shame is the most effective weapon if they are cultivating a romantic desperado image.)

Oppose the ELF tax on green homes!